Few Rumors about Manohara Pinot

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About Manohara’s backround:

Like we’ve all read here… a beautiful girl thanks to her exotic mixed of French-Indonesian parents… she’s from upper class, educated, last name Pinot, lived in Cannes, etc…

The truth is…

Part I:

Her dad is American, named George… not sure what his last name is… but I heard her dad is in jail. That’s why we never see a single picture of Mano’s father.. it’s always the TRIO: Manohara, Dewi and Dessy- the Indonesian mother. Also, from what I heard the American dude is a loser and does not have money.

Mano is definitely NOT educated.. the girl didn’t even finish high school yet alone made it to college/university.

Somebody also said.. Manohara actually lived in St.Louis, Missouri USA and Indonesia and did not grow up in France like what most people thought.

Part II:

Her family does not own a house in Cannes, the Bakrie family obviously have a house there… and I heard that Dessy (Mano’s mother) rented a house in Cannes just to be close to the Bakrie family.. I guess she wanted Mano to get close to Ardi.

About the last name Pinot. It’s a complete made up name… Dessy admitted to the socialites in Jakarta that she and her husband own various wineries in France. That’s all a lie.. she took the name from Pinot Noir… the wine.
Dessy also said she owns various hotels in Indonesia called ManuPinot.
Furthermore, Dessy scammed a lot of socialite for money… she said she could help them buy nice diamonds and jewelry from Cannes, she took their money and those socialites never got their diamonds and Dessy just ran away with the money.
Oh and another big lie that are circulating around is that Dessy claims.. that the Bakrie private jet belongs to her.. which is the biggest fucked up lie ever because we all know she has no money.

what do you think guys?