MAIA Estianty finally open secret that it was common knowledge that had been stored. Maia confirmed rumors that had been circulating.

That is about the wedding news that makes Mulan must leave the Duo queen. Widow three said that Mulan was fired from the Duo queen, vocal group who made ​​his name because willing polygamy.

"Mulan out of the Duo queen because like polygamy," said Maia in infotainment, Impressions Regarding Celebrities (SOS) live in the quiz on Friday (28/6).

In fact, when Yuanita Christiani, SOS host confirmed with whom polygamy Mulan, Maia answered immediately. "Yeah. Same Mas Dhani," says the singer of 'Crocodile Man Army' it.

Maia Dhani and Mulan affirm marriage occurred before they were officially divorced. "Yeah I already know that," he concluded.

MAIA Estianty akhirnya membuka rahasia yang sudah diketahui umum yang selama ini disimpan. Maia menegaskan gosip yang selama ini beredar.

Yakni tentang kabar pernikahan Mulan Jameela yang membuatnya harus hengkang dari Duo Ratu. Janda tiga anak itu mengatakan bahwa Mulan dipecat dari Duo Ratu, grup vokal yang membesarkan namanya lantaran bersedia dipoligami.

"Mulan keluar dari Duo Ratu karena mau poligami," ujar Maia dalam tayangan infotainment, Seputar Tayangan Selebritis (SOS) secara live di Antv, Jumat (28/6).

Bahkan, saat Yuanita Christiani, pembawa acara SOS menegaskan dengan siapa Mulan berpoligami, Maia langsung menjawab. "Iya. Sama Mas Dhani," kata pelantun 'Lelaki Buaya Darat' itu.

Maia menegaskan pernikahan Dhani dan Mulan terjadi sebelum mereka resmi bercerai. "Iya saya sudah tahu itu," pungkasnya.

Foto DuGEM HoT NiKita WiLLy

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Ingin Ngirit, KD Batal Melahirkan di Luar Negeri

Krisdayanti Jakarta is now expecting the birth of her love of fruit with Raul Lemos. Given the cost-efficiency, the singer of 'The Love' was also confirmed to perform labor in Jakarta.
"Here, considering the efficiency of the family. Outside of his pay double," he said when met in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Wednesday (27/07/2011).

Previously had circulated the news that KD will give birth in hospital in Darwin, Australia or Singapore. However, the former wife Anang Hermansyah said, doctors in Indonesia no less sophisticated than other countries.

"What if we shell out a lot, her doctor also (in Indonesia) no less sophisticated," he said firmly.

Even so, the KD has not been willing to tell the hospital where she will give birth later. He claimed more calm and ready to welcome the birth of her first child was a businessman from East Timor.

Mayangsari Jarang Pergi Ke Salon

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Mayangsari Jarang Perawatan di Salon

Jakarta Mayangsari singer always looks fresh at every appearance. Asked about the secret caring for the body, was admitted Mayang rarely go to the salon.

Women are nearly 40-year-old was admitted rarely have time to treat the body in the salon. Usually once every two months he stopped by the salon.

'I can not thinking about tuh people like that (salon). Have not been thinking about children and others. Many dipikirin, "said Mayang encountered in the area of ​​Kemang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (07/27/2011).

For matters of beauty treatments, Mayang prefer to do it at home. According Mayang treat themselves at home more quickly than in the salon.

"I care more at home. Only the treatment of makeup, hair ngeblow. More to the confidence at home. If in the old salon," he explained.

Mayang also do not like to do facial to cleanse the face. For skin health, Mayang choose a massage with a scrub.

Problem Mayang body weight was quite orderly. He is keeping the diet, carbohydrate diet and avoid foods that are sweet. Mayang Do not be tempted to snack?

"There must be time want to snack, but now already can not. Because already have children, so much caring for the body again," he said.

(Yla / Yla)

This photo was allegedly taken during the filming process Depe latest film titled Ghost girl girlfriend. Visible parts of the body beautiful Dewi Persik are in the shower wrapped in white cloth is wet. One ex-wife's breasts are not covered Saipul Jamil is sticking with the obvious.

Hence the action that allegedly unconscious or in deliberately by Dewi Persik get different reception from a number of users of social nets Twitter when I saw it.

It showed when diving Depe shower scene wearing a thin white cloth. When the cloth wrapped around his body was wet with water, the chest was seen goddess Peaches.

In another photo, the appearance Depe also looks equally hot. He looks so dreamy shirt bras and panties look.

The film will indeed reap many sensations. Previously women from Jember, East Java, was rumored to perform surgery virginity for the sake of his role in the film.

Foto Payudara Transparan Dewi Perssik di Film Pacar Hantu Perawan -

Foto Payudara Transparan Dewi Perssik di Film Pacar Hantu Perawan -

Foto Payudara Transparan Dewi Perssik di Film Pacar Hantu Perawan -

Foto Payudara Transparan Dewi Perssik di Film Pacar Hantu Perawan - 

Dewi Persik Breast Photos - Most recently, outstanding photo Dewi Persik Breast Umbar which he said was taken in one scene in new movie Depe ie "ghost girl girlfriend". Dewi Persik never seem to escape the hot photos. This time the photo of her breasts in a transparent re-circulated. If the previous pictures of topless Dewi Persik are simply seen without wearing clothes. Persik Dewi hot pose looks obscured by a thin cloth.

"Just keep breast Depe visible"

Foto NAkal TelanjaNg HOT BUgil PEvita PEarce 1

Foto NAkal TelanjaNg HOT BUgil PEvita PEarce 2
LAgi nGApain YA??