Just wanna see Mano's problem from different point of view

Manohara pinot finally free from Sultan kelantan, said a lot of people.
That drama happens in June, 1st, when Manohara like she said, attend to visit her father-in-law that already sick in Singapore Hospital.
In the hotel, Manohara knew from somebody that her mother was already in the same hotel as manohara did, so she screams loudly in order to take attention from entire people in that building. However, she get success. Her screams make Singapore's police attend her room and finally set her free. It is said that FBI was also there too in order to make her liberation take easy.

After that, she going to Indonesia, together with her mother and sister, and then, talks to the infotainment, reporter from news, and so on.
Soon, she's finally become a superstar. From nothing into everything.
All of the media discuss her arrival. All of the media take care of her.
Not only infotainment, but also news, liveshow,newspaper and everyone (including me)!!!
But why when there's murder of Indonesian TKI, ship that carried a lot of TKI sink in the ocean, only few people care on them.
Is it because manohara have half-american-blood?

However, manohara said that KBRI in Malaysia do not have any intention at her, at all. She said when she contacts KBRI by phone, the operator said:
"Sorry, this is Sunday.It's a holiday"
"But it is emergency!"
"Sorry Miss, but we're in holiday now. Could you just call back later in Monday?"

and Manohara said that there's a lot of another Mano in Malaysia that is has some bad luck as her.

She said that she gotta abused by her husband. Her boobs have been hurted by guillete and she's been injected until her blood is coming out.


Is it so easy to become popular right?

Here some of opinion from somebody calls "Dramaqueen" :

Funny how mano has gone all out to hang dirty laundry – well well well what do we expect coming from a young, immature child?
Orang muda bila hati panas would do anything spitefully. And what a class act she and her mother has concocted. They both should win an oscar for best actress and director/producer respectively.
I mean, seriously … nobody knew who Manohara was until the “saga”, starting from the fairy tale wedding (which I’m pretty sure she was happy to play the role of Cinderella for a day), to claiming abuse (a term so popularly used in Hollywood) and dramatic escape back home. Even when she dated Mr Bakrie, that was made public after claims of abuse were made. I’m sure Ardi is glad that he did not end up with a stupid, rebellious, self-centred child who knows nothing but to enjoy other people’s fortune and also drool on other people’s misfortune.
While TT or the household has not issued any statement, that is their prerogative. Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid as some people may twist their words and take advantage of the situation to create a sensation.
This child obviously had a culture shock living in Kelantan. This fact she should’ve known, the fact that her lifestyle would be reduced from a life of partying hard, wining and dining, smoking etc to a more disciplined and conservative life. Because she could not adapt to the new lifestyle, it is possible that she had inflicted pain on her self (which she alleged there are marks on her body – whose to say TT or her who did it!!!), medication was given to calm her down (which she alleged was forced on her), locked herself in the room because she didn’t want to go out and wanted to take the piss out of TT. Sengaja nak buat perangai.
If only her heart and iman is just as beautiful as her face.
To TT, there are other flowers in the garden, you just have to be careful to pick the flower that not only looks beautiful but smells sweet. Marry someone from the nobility line saja. The reality of it is that in some cases, some people from the common blood may be thrilled with the idea of royalty but may eventually find it hard to blend into royal life and conform to royal protocol.


hmm..ambalat n tki could be inserted into indonesia’s problem
but mano?
hey.. who is she?
i agree wid drama queen’s said bout mano
she just want popularity among issued between indonesia n malaysia..
she’s totally a provocateur!!!

becareful with it. mano just make indonesia “hotter” with her info.

and she’s not totally indonesian right?

she even makes new visa to enter this country.
so, do u believe at her patriotism?

Pas susah aje pakek bawa2nama indonesia