Already four months this star sinetron 'Cinta Bunga' Chico Jerico status as a beloved Laudya Cynthia Bella. Bella Memacari known to change frequently bergonta-lovers, ready to confess Chico attacked gossip.

"If digosipin, I can relax orangnya aja. Gue aja easy going," said Chico found time in between the celebration back to the year-25 in Hanggar, Pancoran, South Jakarta, Friday (3/7/2009).

For Chico, the past is not something that Bella deems important. In a relationship with the opponents play in sinetron that he tried to apply any sense of mutual trust.

Bulge in the age Friday (3/7/2009), the Chico would be pleased with the presence of Bella in her life. Although the lovers had left Umroh worship, because he was right in the happy day birthday, Bella arrived in the country.

"Maybe tonight Bella come," said Chico when asked if Bella will not come in the party's birthday.

Will Bella have also give a gift? "There kadonya deh, also a special name, I need to be know it," he said while smiling.