You ready for more drama in your life? Lindsay Lohan just landed her own reality show about her troubled life. Try to contain your excitement.

Lohan is reportedly in talks with Britney Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph about filming her attempt to make a Hollywood comeback. Key word: attempt.
A source told FOX News: “Rudolph is helping Lohan with a potential reality show that will encapsulate her trials and tribulations as she gets back on her feet and actually becomes a working actress again.”

Not only has Lohan not been able to land a decent movie role in years, her bank account has taken a huge hit. She's supposedly ready to get her life back on track, and who better than the guy who helped Britney?

Sad part is her life is already pretty much a reality show. We see paparazzi videos and photos of her every day, so why would we want to watch a show about someone who's already so overexposed? Would you be interested in a Lindsay Lohan reality show?