Not only cheat by using a laser to destroy the national team players of Indonesia, Malaysia again caught stealing one of the best works of children of the nation. A senior Indonesian songs Imaniar musician's work is used without permission by musicians Malaysia, Misha Omar.
Imaniar relates that initially he was hired by BMG Indonesia to make two albums in 2000. At that time, the song title does not exist. But because there is a recession in that year, then his songs are not too promoted.

"The song diciptain in 2000 I was on contract at BMG Indonesia two albums if not wrong. Then I created this song together Yossi Hitiyaubesi. Be an album whose title IMANIAR have not used the title track. Then hit " May the Eternal was written there. And I've made the her music videos, but not too popular and not too be promoted at the time why there is a recession in 2000. BMG may terbenturnya there should be half full promotional Imaniar so not many people know this song, "said Imaniar when met at Studio 15 Jl. Musi Tanah Abang II No.34 Central Jakarta.

Once you are aware of any unauthorized use, the more painful is the sound Imaniar still used in the song are owned by Misha Omar. In addition, no information when the song creator and a CD track that was released by the Malaysian musicians.

"Maybe because it is not too profitable, or how I do not know, finally in 2006 the song was in use by Misha Omar with the same title. Only in CD or cassette in writing there is no creator of the most hurt my voice was in use by Misha Omar as a backing vocal. It really hurt kulonuwon (excuse me) wrote not have it, so really stepped deh, "said Imaniar.