Kate Garraway, GMTV presenter England for the show this morning really got a lot of money because his income was estimated around 300,000 pounds, or USD 2.8 billion per year.

However, Kate willing to be photographed nude for a lot of money. Body mother of two 43-year-old paper money picture painted on his back. While covering the chest and smiling at the camera, showing off his slim body.

Although simple makeup, skin looks smooth, so she also looks much younger than her age. Many fans may be surprised by the photos Kate, mother of the boy Darcey who four years and Billy is one year.

Understandably, she used to appear polite normally serious news presenter. His decision to be willing to be photographed naked for the sake of raising money for the organization Lend With Care.

UK-based organization is raising money to then lend to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Another Kate Garraway, different Kate Walsh. This last female news presenters also in Studio Five, and helped raise funds for the organization. He is younger, and of course beautiful. Sexy, too. However, Kate Walsh was not going to take off her clothes. Kate Walsh was still a white shirt and long pants.