Pria Berusia 110 Tahun Siap Menikah Lagi!!!

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Idol of his heart was a widow with nine, and 82-year-old

Age is more than a century, but still keen to marry. The spirit that was shown a grandfather in Malaysia, Ahmad Mohamad Isa.

According to the Straits Times newspaper, the man who was aged 110 years was ready to propose to her idol, namely a 82-year-old woman. Though already have 20 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren, Jesus claimed to remain lonely after a long a widower.

Grandpa was still inviting charm for a woman. He named Sanah Ahmad, who was widowed 30 years years and had nine children. Nyai Sanah confess ready dipinang Aki Ahmad and has sent her children to contact the family of the grandfather to regulate marriage.

Ahmad also claimed not to prosecute a variety of her new mate. "Whoever he is, as long as it can cook for me,"Ahmad told the newspaper the Messenger of Malaysia, published Sunday, January 2, 2011. While Sanah admitted enamored with Ahmad as similar to her late husband, who also has a similar name.

Ahmad admitted that he had had enough of living alone and afraid to sleep alone. Grandpa had been married five times. Four previous wife had died and his wife had long been her fifth divorce.