Who would not want to live in a palace? It seems that everyone would dream to live in a luxurious palace with a handsome prince. But apparently not for Kate Middleton. Kate and her fiancé, Prince William, had agreed that they reject the offer of the royal family to live in a palace!

Kate Middleton @ splashnews.com
In fact, reportedly Prince William and Kate Middleton will get married this coming 29 April have been offered directly by the future king of England's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, to stay with her at Buckingham Palace, in a separate apartment in the palace of the UK.

Even this pair would prefer to live in an apartment in the palace St. James, who certainlyis much simpler than Buckingham .

"Buckingham Palace became an option, not the worst, because there is still much room left in there, also for security reasons. But William had intended to build a life as normally as possibly after the wedding later, making the apartment in the Palace of St. James is more appropriate. Buckingham Palace is full of palace staff, so not a place of peace to live, "said his source.