Maybe there who do not know the name or Sharena Sharena Rizki Rizki. But if given the XL card ad ever starred in, surely we can easily remember the beautiful tattooed girl born in Jakarta, March 11, 1983.

Sharena Rizki Gunawan Sharena real name is also often played in the television movie that aired on SCTV, including television movie titled 'Kucek in Double', 'My darling You Kok MOLESTER?', 'bachelor bachelor', 'Dream' and many more.
Shareena Rizky who plays 171 cm body is also played in the movie 'Kick' n Love 'with actor Oka Antara and also played in the sitcom' Check In Check Out 'which aired on Global TV. Perhaps also there is no thought that Sharena Rizki, an alumnus of Pelita Harapan University graduates in 2006 was actually already married. His status is now the wife of Taufiq Rizki since they got married on December 21, 2007. Later circulated photographs Sharena Rizky is engrossed party or partying with his friends. There are also photos Sharena Rizki was busy smoking cigarettes.