Jakarta - How to dress Puteri Indonesia 2010, Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames, questioned. Because of wearing a mini dress, Nadine forbidden to set foot into the Palace of the vice president.

Nadine will be attending the opening ceremony VI National Conference Association of Herbal and Traditional Medicine, held in Building II Palace VP, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Monday (04/25/2011). The event was held starting at 14:00 pm.

Nadine wearing a long batik dress above the knee. When about to go into manned space program Paspampres and Protocol officer, Nadine forbidden to enter because his clothes did not fit with fashion at the Palace of the vice president.

Nadine had entered the room pressroom. Women who are less fluent in Indonesia is trying to outsmart her clothes in order to enter into the room.

"He outsmart wear extra cloth. But yes still not up to (closed). He came in here as his assistant. Keep wondering, there is no other room ya mas," said one journalist.

According to him, Nadine was in the room about 5 minutes then get out and go home.

Spokesman Vice President, Yopie Hidayat, said Nadine was advised to change costumes. Clothing Nadine judged not according to the codes and ordinances berbuasana or dress code specified in the Palace of the vice president.

"That was due to inappropriate recommended for change or add. Actually it is not allowed to hell but her dress was too short," said Yopie.

Yopie said Nadine finally canceled attending the event. "Not so and go home because there is not time," said Yopie.

"But that's not new at all just happened really. Yesterday-yesterday also had a lot," he continued.