Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former Secretary of State for the Role of Women, Hj Tuty Alawiyah strongly condemned Nudity photos Miss Indonesia, Agni Prathista in cyberspace.


According to him, as a community ambassador for Muslim-majority nation, Agni did not deserve to do all that.

"Honestly, as women, we are concerned to see the condition of some of the Indonesian people that attitude shambles. Especially about daring photo Pratistha Agni, I strongly condemn the actions of terjangnya it," said Tuty Alawiyah in Jakarta on Wednesday.

In fact, Tuty Alawiyah who served as general chairman of the Assembly Taklim Agency Contact (BKMT) has taken a number of policies related to pornography and pornographic acts are now more intense action on the internet.

"Through the new BKMT Conference ended in Jakarta, 2,300 agreed to ask Menkominfo muktamirin immediately shut down porn site or social networking. Now this is so much porn sites that can be easily accessed by children of the nation," said Tuty.

Back to the matter of Agni Pratistha, Tuty Alawiyah ask for an institution that has chosen as Miss Indonesia Agni immediately review the decision. Because, with the emergence of the photographs 'exciting' Agni in cyberspace, she can not be taken as an ambassador for Indonesia.

"From the first, I did not agree with the activities of this kind of princess. If in fact it's like this, better selection of Miss Indonesia stopped," said Tuty who also co-chair in the MUI Centre.

Questioned about the importance of the position of parents in family formation, Tuty said function of parents is very important. But he did not blame the parents Agni Prathista.

"As Miss Indonesia, Agni would have grown up. What it does is his responsibility alone," said Tuty Alawiyah. (*)