Foto Jadul Syahrini SMA Operasi Plastik

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Jakarta, Singer Syahrini finally denied reports that mention him to spend tens of millions of dollars for plastic surgery. Syahrini asserted, all body parts are still original.

"The nose is real!" Syahrini said while holding his nose when met after appearing on the show Inbox, Pasaraya, Manggarai, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (31/05/2011).

"It's cheeks also original, is still cubby," he continued.

Until now, Syahrini pleaded not interested in plastic surgery. He also felt it was quite satisfied with his performance today.

"Thank God, hold the original aja nih. Why is that surgery," says the singer of 'I'm Not Normal' is to reporters.

Syahrini admit that her face is a bit different now than when he was in junior high school. However, he said, those changes through natural processes.

"Usually it if there is a difference face from his school days. If there is a change yes how do I take care of him alone,"said a former friend duet Anang Hermansyah it.