Ingin Ngirit, KD Batal Melahirkan di Luar Negeri

Krisdayanti Jakarta is now expecting the birth of her love of fruit with Raul Lemos. Given the cost-efficiency, the singer of 'The Love' was also confirmed to perform labor in Jakarta.
"Here, considering the efficiency of the family. Outside of his pay double," he said when met in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Wednesday (27/07/2011).

Previously had circulated the news that KD will give birth in hospital in Darwin, Australia or Singapore. However, the former wife Anang Hermansyah said, doctors in Indonesia no less sophisticated than other countries.

"What if we shell out a lot, her doctor also (in Indonesia) no less sophisticated," he said firmly.

Even so, the KD has not been willing to tell the hospital where she will give birth later. He claimed more calm and ready to welcome the birth of her first child was a businessman from East Timor.