Mayangsari Jarang Pergi Ke Salon

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Mayangsari Jarang Perawatan di Salon

Jakarta Mayangsari singer always looks fresh at every appearance. Asked about the secret caring for the body, was admitted Mayang rarely go to the salon.

Women are nearly 40-year-old was admitted rarely have time to treat the body in the salon. Usually once every two months he stopped by the salon.

'I can not thinking about tuh people like that (salon). Have not been thinking about children and others. Many dipikirin, "said Mayang encountered in the area of ​​Kemang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (07/27/2011).

For matters of beauty treatments, Mayang prefer to do it at home. According Mayang treat themselves at home more quickly than in the salon.

"I care more at home. Only the treatment of makeup, hair ngeblow. More to the confidence at home. If in the old salon," he explained.

Mayang also do not like to do facial to cleanse the face. For skin health, Mayang choose a massage with a scrub.

Problem Mayang body weight was quite orderly. He is keeping the diet, carbohydrate diet and avoid foods that are sweet. Mayang Do not be tempted to snack?

"There must be time want to snack, but now already can not. Because already have children, so much caring for the body again," he said.

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