Julia Perez on Spot

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Julia Perez is a famous indonesian star.

She 's hot and has a very extra large boobs. Everyone know it!

She's Indonesian sex-symbol and we all love it..


Julia Perez was born with the name Yuli Rachmawati in Jakarta, 15 July 1980. She's starting her career through work training as a secretary in a private company and then she got opportunity to continue her education in the Netherlands. Her meeting with male model Damien Perez (Yusuf Perez), which later became her husband, earn opportunity to herself to be appeared as a model of FHM and Maxim magazine in France. In 2002-2003 her popularity appears and we start to knowher in Indonesia for her appearence at sinetron : CINTA LOKASI, KOMEDI NAKAL, PENJAGA PANTAI also LEPAS MALAM.She is part of 100 nominations of the hottest girl which is version of FHM and Maxim magazine. Jupe, now settled in Indonesia and joining much of movies, sinetron and TV products.