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Julia Perez that want to immediately divorce with her husband Demian Perez can poorly affect on her career as artist. The process of divorce has not yet begun, but several days later had a wide circulation newspaper photos hot Julia Perez should change the name behind the name Perez, that is not another name Demian back, if confirmed later Jupe still have divorce Damian real name not be used free of charge. Thorough, Damian also ask for 50 million as royalties for using the name of Perez.

Seems like her popularity do not want to go down with the board later changed its name, Jupe also reject the wishes of her husband. According to him, that claims of family name, Perez, is illegal.

"Claim is illegal. Who first met Damien Perez? I introduce the name of Perez. I am the name of the plume," said Jupe.

Rumors hearsay circulating, Damien has introduced a new girlfriend as revenge because the intimate photos of Jupe with Gaston spread on the internet. With little emotional tone, Jupe also said Damian was cast out of the house.

"I say to Damien, take all the goods. I dispose of it all. I do not want to see more wedding photos and all the smell of him.It's all already ended. I must let Damien go. Let him choose a woman," said Jupe.

By tearing down, Jupe say a message to Damian and new lovers.

"If the woman can make him happy, I am willing to let him go. Starting today, I am willing. But please make Damien happy," Julia perez said.

But different word saying by her husband, Damian Perez.

"I do not want to divorce. I am still in love with my wife,"he said when specifically found at the Comedy Cafe, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, Senin (16 / 3).

Damien is not denied, some recent, related to the original woman named Yuli Rahmawati that, it was a crisis center. Long-distance relationship, said Damien, became one of the causes. Since three years, Damien spend more time in South Africa, for business purposes. As a result, the relationship between the two of them was fulfill with tons misunderstandings.

"We lost contact during the last one month, and suddenly she blame me when I come back for that miss communication," said Damien.

Efforts to improve relations with Jupe has been tried by him. "Two this week we try to communicate and talk because I want to bring her back. No. She can never be separated from me. She was like tattoos on my body," said Damien, showing her hand with tattoo wrote in Japanese, which means Julia Perez.

Meanwhile, last week, woman who always be with Damian, he said it because of the intimate photo of his wife with Gaston Castano, Persiba players.

However, Jupe has already send divorce lawyer, Gusti Randa, to ended her marriage, as soon as possible.