From infotainment, there's roumor that Daisy Fajarina, Manohara's mom is the fugitive in france. Case a half-hearted, sexual harassment of domestic workers whom also Indonesian. This result deeds, Daisy threatened 18 months in prison. But Daisy is not doing a punishment, and even he does not attend the court case.

Letters of Daisy on the involvement of the sexual harassment case showed by Ichsan (relatives of the kingdom of Kelantan) exhibit letter from the court in the French media. It is said there that the French court seeking to account for Daisy Fajarina deeds. And for those who know of the existence of Daisy, are requested to contact or returns her to France to serve a sentence in accordance with the Laws of the State.

Besides the fact that Daisy was a fugitive and sms Tengku Fakhry content that is too excessive, there is still another matter. About the images at the time Daisy clubbing with her second daughter. Hear this case, Daisy perform self-defense "Yes but as a mom it is impossible to leave them of their own in club" (Duile ...).

Daisy says that Ichsan, just wanna to make her down and stopping her protest against the kidnapper of her daughter..


we'll see!