Fact about Manohara's mother

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The Fact is :

1. Manohara's mother dessy often divorces (4 times)
2. her latest ex-husband is now in prison.
3. If she was a good mother, a 15 years child (manohara) will be not allowed to having a relationship with 28 old man.
4. She finds a super rich guy for her 15 years old daughter. Is it good?
5. Manohara reported to be raped by TT in December 2007 (her status still Ardi's girlfriend).
If she's a good mom, she will be protected her daughter and didn't let that rip happened by an adult man age 31.
6. After Manohara loosing her virginity, and dessy also know that she's un virgin, Dessy still supporting Manohara to continue her relationship with Ardi Bakrie. The probability is : Dessy and dewi (her sister) don't want to let the opportunity of holiday in USA using private-jet owned by Bakrie family.
7.Not satisfied having super rich boyfriend for her daughter (Ardi bakrie) , dessy still trying to flirt father of Ardi that already married. Unfortunately, he has no interest to Dessy and she only get madness from his wife and family.
8. After failed with Ardi, so strange that few days later, Dessy bring Mano to Kelantan to be married with TT.
9. When Mano married (from Dessy own-saying), when Mano get make up, Dessy wear of Kingdom jewelry that should be wear by Mano in her marriage. When the servant of that royal family ask Dessy to put down those jewelry, Dessy got angry.If she's trully comes from elite society or Bugis royalty, she will have no eager to use jewelry from Kelantan Kingdom without permission. Like Lady Diana when she got married, she's given Pearl by queen elizabeth and of course, Lady D's mom have no eager to wear it ;). How shameful.
10. TT has already give money and jewelry as mas kahwin (which is of course has been accepted by Dessy)
11. After marriage, TT wants "malam pertama (sex)", but mano said that she got menstruation
12.When Mano and TT honeymoon in Thailand, Dessy and Dewi still follow them!!!
13.After two months marriage, TT never have sex with Mano, with same reason : Menstruation. Of course it is lead by Dessy because money that given by TT to her still a half from her ask. TT got mad.
14.Hating condition that TT always mad, Mano run away to Jakarta (of course with Dessy's insistence), that so weird because after run away to jakarta, Mano going to night club in Bali.
15.Her status still TT's wife, but mano then having affair with Ryan Haryanto.
16.If dessy trully a good mom, when mano run away to Jakarta, she'll not let TT to pick her up to Kelantan. Only a materialistic mother will do this.
17.Dessy asking too much. Money, apartment, luxurious car. After TT gives what she wants, Dessy got mad because the money is not like she wants, meant that it is not quite enough to paid her debts. Also the car and apartment not named by Dessy. So dessy refuse that apartment but the weird one is, the Alphard car still she brings anywhere.
18.Dessy and family ith TT going umrah, where TT was maybe absolutely tired with Dessy's habit so Mano is bringing back to Kelantan without her.
19. If Mano is really difficult to be meet, why she calls many of gossip pers for it. So shameful to see mom like this.
20. Why dessy always bring it into human trafficking issue? This is not a problem of the nation, not the Indonesia-Malaysia, but the individual.
27. President and Vice President along with the minister, please do not having attention to this problem. Many more important issues that need urgent managed.

28. Jet aircraft in the photo above is claimed as dessy's private jet plane. Of course she's lied and I think Bakrie that own it and via Ardi Bakrie , Dessy could using this plane. The statement that she lived in France in Cannes (villa), maybe that villa belongs to Bakrie too.

So she's a liar..

what about you?