foto Dewi persik bugil

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foto Dewi persik lagi ciuman hot dengan aldi taher

Dewi persik is famous known as dangdut singer in indonesia, while her partner, aldi taher is band player.
they're already engage in a marriage.
This photo is very sensational in Indonesia, because it's not a common to have a kiss, even with your husband, in front of public. But this is a regular thing in Western country, i think.

However, dewi persik is already known as hypersexual, so that she loves sex so much.

She looks so wild in our bed, right?


Another pics of dewi persik when changing her clothes after show

What do you think guys?

this is another picture (lost bra incident, or you could say it : Kemben dewi persik melorot)

Wow.. her breast looks yummy, make me wanna lick it, hahaha

just kidding guys ;)