Vira Yuniar digosipkan akan contest divorce Teuku Ryan. Suspected to cause the problem because Ryan did not have permanent job.

"Ryan has rare events," said the father of Vira, Yuyun Suryanri, which is found in housing Griya Cimanggis Blok B / 6, Depok, West Java, on Tuesday (28/4/2009).

Whether what is being done at this time by Ryan, he did not return home to his wife and children for a long time.

"Ryan and Vira did no gather as a family for a while. Ryan was not here to see his son again," said Yuyun.

Vira and Ryan married on 6 March 2004. Five years together, they are endowed with two children, namely Cut Sjalinni Ryan, who was born on 14 December 2004, and Teuku Prayaa Alcany Ryan, who was born on 20 January 2006.