foto syur rani juliani dan antasari hot

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Information that Antasari Azhar met Rani Juliani only twice need to be tested . Rani is a golf caddy and she's often seen with Antasari and his team when playing golf in the Golf ModernLand Tangerang. In fact, this is photo shows Rani in the golf yard with Antasari.

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Rani in the photo is seen smiling, while Antasari appear normal. Antasari wear white hats, white shirts, and glasses. While Rani using caddy uniform ,blue shirt and using white hat. Rani looks beautiful.

"Photo was taken in the fasting month of 2007 at around 16.00 WIB ModernLand on the golf course," said the source. According to him, often Antasari golf friends, one named Pak Yoyo, a prosecutor. "Rani will enter teams in the caddy. Pak Antasari member so that the golf course since 2006, "he said.

However, the time to play golf, Antasari often accompanied by caddy named Poppy. "Mr Antasari want a caddy that is expert, so that he can be quickly be a professional golf player. So he chose Poppy , Expert trainer, and Rani usually with his team, to accompany Mr Yoyo, "he said.

Previous lawyers said that Antasari and Rani met two times. Rani and Antasari start their first meeting three years ago. After that, the Rani met Antasari back Grand Mahakam Hotel in Jakarta in May 2008. At that time, Rani bring a product to offered to Antasari.