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Previously it's only gossip, guessing is suspected, call-called, wedding photos is now Director of PT PRB alm Nasrudin Zulkarnaen and Rhani Juliani evidence into ropes that bind you both. Nasrudin smiled and looked happy at Rhani.

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There are 3 images in a nongol the tabloids infotainmen C & R is published on Wednesday (13 / 5). On the cover tabloids, Nasrudin and Rhani visible wear traditional clothing of Sunda, complete with a cloth and blangkon with sitting position.

Rhani the wear silver jilbab flowering roses and jasmine string with thin smile and happy eyes regard to the future. While Nasrudin on the left to face sideways stare Rhani whom have been married as his third-wife.

Cover tabloids titled 'Sweet Memory of Rhani' with the caption 'Rhani Juliani and Alm. Nasrudin Zulkarnaen shortly after consent granted Rhani at home, Kampong Blank, Panunggangan, Tangerang, Saturday, 7 July 2007 '.

Images displayed on the second page 3 more interesting again. Rhani coquettish style with lips stick to the right cheek with Nasrudin standing position. Both the women's 22 this year is closed. Nasrudin smiled while receiving the kiss.

While in the third picture on page 4, Rhani appear alone without Nasrudin. Rhani grin series exhibit the top of the white teeth.

Photo results catapult Arif Kurnia is certainly a sweet memories for Rhani. Nasrudin died after his head by the 2 grains in the hot tin Hartono Jl Raya, Tangerang ModernLand Complex on March 14 2009 after playing golf. Nasrudin who has a wife named Sri Martuti first and second wives named Arinda Irawati exhale the last breath in RSPAD.

Rhani work as a caddy at a girl with a love of Nasrudin directly and ask for protection from the security police. Rhani was never shown until now. Moreover, after the alleged involvement of terkuak KPK Chairman Antasari Azhar Nasrudin in the case of murder. Antasari was disabled from the Chairman of the KPK office after the set as the suspect.

Love triangle melatarbelakangi allegedly shooting Nasrudin. Rhani say first love with a Antasari. But this Antasari be debated and print newspapers as the issue is just cheap gossip. Up to now the case are still scrolling. Although Rhani not want to appear and lift the talk, but one by one the evidence has been appeared.