Musibah pesawat hercules c-130 magetan

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We are so sorry for aircraft accidents C-130 Hercules belonging to the A-1325 TNI AU's happens in the Village Geplak, Karas, Megetan, East Java, on Wednesday, 20 May 2009.

Hopefully the victims who died in this accident could be rest in peace and all the family that are left is given by strength to face this reality. Amen.


The number of victims died due to aircraft accident C-130 Hercules belonging to the TNI Air Force Magetan in East Java, on Wednesday morning to 14.00 WIB has been changed to 97 people.

It is reported by the Head Office of The First Force Udata Marsekal TNI Bambang Soelistyo in Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon.

"Until now, we are still coordinating about the place of the corpse victim to be buried, including the eleven corpse crew," He said.

The names of the crew are a pilot in 1325 is the first Mayor (GNI) Danu Setiawan, a second pilot Captain (GNI) Yonen Firdaus, pilot Lieutenant third one (GNI) Ferdinan Liverzani, navigator Captain Arif Permadi, radio announcer Letnan One Sumantri Oman, interpreter engine air Kapten Sugito, parlormaid interpreter engine Peltu Suhartono, APO Lettu load interpreter, interpreter Praka fit two Heru, adjuvant load interpreter Pelda Rohim, parlormaid quartermaster two Serda Agus Indra

Up to 14.00 WIB, the TNI Air Force Staff Marsekal TNI Subandrio are still in Pangkalan Udara Halim Perdanakusuma to receive a report from the commanders Marsekal First Pangkalan TNI Boy Syahril Qomar. Until this area was still closed from the mass media's coverage so that journalists could only wait outside the base.

Previously, up to Wednesday, at 11.00 WIB, the passenger who died due to fall of the plane C-130 Hercules in Magetan, East Java, are 57 people.

Mabes TNI spokesman, Marsekal Muda TNI Sagom Tamboen in Jakarta, said, the unfortunate plane on Wednesday morning by 9 crews and carry 98 passengers.

Passengers include 88 adults and 10 children. Overall passenger is TNI soldiers and military families, he said. Sagom Tamboen said, some of the victims is being evacuated to hospital Great Air Iswajudi Madiun and RS Sudono.

Meanwhile, the victim outside the crews and passenger aircraft Hercules C-130 recorded as three people. They are Ny. Rosidi, Warsim and one person that is still be looked for.Three of them were killed because they were in the house that struck down by the plane. Sagom said, the number of victims could be increased based on condition that few of the victims are still missing.