Cici Paramida relatives, Adhyaksa Dault ready to confess with the demands of both the husband and Cici, Suhaebi. But it is making a claim of sorts. According Adhyaksa, Suhaebi should apologize not prosecute him.

"He should apologize so, not even claim me," he said when found in the area SCBD, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, South Jakarta, Sunday (21/6/2009) the night.

Adhyaksa say what the problem is just Suhaebi spontaneous speech himself. Just enough information, some time ago, Secretary of the MCC is home Suhaebi mention, as the men who love to marry, not bald and handsome.

"It was a spontaneous utterance, if you do you dibegitukan," tukas the man who served as Minister of Youth and Sports.

Turbulence Adhyaksa speech, the Suhaebi waft through the power of law to claim Polda Metro Jaya on Friday (19/6/2009) the night. Adhyaksa charged over libel case either.

Until now, the enmity between Suhaebi Cici is still scrolling. Moreover Suhaebi has been arrested in Bogor on the police station reporting domestic violence Cici. Pelantun 'Wulan merindu' claim to be hit by Suhaebi when knows thar her husband with another woman in a car.