YEs, RoBErT PAttINSoN is A GaY

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Robert Pattinson like you’ve never seen him before!!! Check out this clip of the actor getting hot and heavy with Javier Beltran in Little Ashes, the upcoming Salvador Dali biopic. Toward the end it gets kind of serious and sad, but the first half is just total hotness. Way sexier than anything from Twilight.

“There’s all these gay sex scenes. And y’know, I haven’t even done a sex scene with a girl, in my whole career. And here I am, with Javier [Beltrán], who plays Lorca, doing an extremely hard-core sex scene, where I have a nervous breakdown afterward. And because we’re both straight, what we were doing seemed kind of ridiculous. Trying to do it doggie-style. Trying to have a nervous breakdown while doing it doggie-style. And it wasn’t even a closed set. There were all these Spanish electricians giggling to themselves.”

Robert Pattinson, in April’s GQ, describing his first sex scene ever, filmed with another man.

Pattinson has responded to rumors circulated earlier in the week that crew members on the set of New Moon have been complaining about his body odor.

“I haven’t even been on the set yet.”

“I also do shower,” he added, before joking that he regularly reads his negative press.

“I only look at the negative stuff,” he said.

“I just want to know whoever’s saying negative stuff, and I just want to remember their names. I write it all down in my black book.”

He has a little black book of revenge so he can write down the names of people who have talked trash about him? Well that makes sense. I’ve always said that the best way to deal with negative press is to act like a middle school sociopath.

(Note to Pattinson: It’s spelled K-e-l-l-y.)

No, like, literally.

Sources on the set of New Moon are complaining about how stinky he is!

“He stinks. I mean, it’s awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy,” says a source who Ted Casablancas claims “works in very close quarters” with Rob, which I’m assuming means the man who does his hair or makeup in his trailer.

“He completely reeks,” says another source.

Apparently Robert isn’t a big fan of showering. And is anyone surprised? I mean, does this guy LOOK like he showers? Um, no.


And maybe this explains why Kristen Stewart always has such a sour look on her face while she’s doing publicity for Twilight. It’s not that she’s a stoned, detached bitch like we’d all assumed, it’s just that she’s about to vomit from the stench of Robert Pattinson.