Andi Soraya Ogah Damai Dengan Keket

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Fire enmity between Andi Soraya and Catherine Wilson not even suppressed. To even make them reconciliate, Tommy suharto take a part on it.

Andi confess her happiness if Tommy would like to lend a hand to reconcile. But Andi still do not want to reconciliate with Keket if the case not be brought into the green table (law section)

"Good one, if he (Tommy Soeharto) would return in the sense to make me reconcile. He was alreadyin a high level. But the problem is about the fighter, do they want to be reconciled, or do not want to" she said while in the hotel Sahid, Jl. Jend Sudirman, South Jakarta, Sunday (21/6/2009).

Star acting in Susuk Pocong says that she is the one who has been injured. According to that, she said that it would be Keket who should apologize to her.

"My pride is being injured. Is it true that the people who is being injured has to apologize to the injurer? She (Keket) that should be apologize to me," she says