wedding which was held sacred in Mecca 12 March 2009 between Cici Paramida with Ahmad Suhaebi save stories dark inside.

After dikabarkan berselingkuh with another woman dikawasan peak, Ahmad Suhaebi husband Cici Paramida dismantle stigma thus their household. Ebi own wedding for 3 months, only 1.5 months they only one bed. During the next 1.5 months they pisah bed. Loh, kok bisa?

"I describe that happens is already 1.5 months of my own home," said Ebi. Unfortunately, Ebi not explain why they are willing pisah home. "The reasons are too personal," said Ebi more.

Either what the words mean Ebi problems that bring them this time. Because it really can not afford to give Cici 'satisfaction' of her husband until Ebi switch to other hearts? Entahlah, we are just waiting their explanation again