Love story of a celebrity is always interesting to be discussed, including the love story as well as stage performers Ardina Rasti, who is now the more rarely seen together with her boyfriend, Lucky Wija.

"We're fine, we don't break up, a, we're still sticking together, just, we seldom to see each other these months," said the model age is 23 years old, when asked about the continuation of their relationship with her boyfriend .

Next, Rasti found in Studio Penta, Kebon Jeruk, Monday (22 / 6), about what her views about marriage.

"I enjoy my life, don't even think about that marriage, more we go here, more we are busy so I don't even think about marriage, because , yeah, we're so busy, nggak mikirin us to marry, even here, the more I kepikiran to marry, because we were busy," she said.

"We have not doubt about our relationship, just have no thought about it, we just enjoy our family, because I am a youngest child," she's adding