Is Noordin M Top dieD?????

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These times, we've maybe finally get shocked by the corps's operation which is told that Noordin M Top was died, through that attacked.
But, the question is :

Let me show you few opinion :
1. Target operation is Moh Zahri's house, which is already being a target since 2003. Is it possible, Noordin hiding there? If yes, how could u explain he was as stupid as that? (remember, he's planned so many bomb action in places, which is, so impossible to reach, like Marriot, not even once, but twice!!!!!)
2. For so many cases, we've seen that most of time, all of time, Nordin bombing target is "Western" territory. I could say them all : Marriot, Paddy's CLub, Aussy Embassy, and Ritz Carlton.
So, is it possible that his next target is president house?
I don't think so. And just stupid people will assume this.
Too many risk to reach president house, even so many bomb will brought there, and how could they bring those stuff there?
It's nonsense
3. In the operation which is kill "Noordin", few people told that Noordin beg the corps and say "sorry,help then finally said that he's Noordin". Some people say that he's actually only a thief too!!!
4. No bomb explodes there. It's just nonsense. If it was Noordin, I'm sure that he will explode all of the area.
5. He founds alone. It's more irrational. As a common, highest leader of that socio-organization, would not be letting alone. Even more, corps say that Noordin having high charisma so many of his follower love him. If so many people want to die because of his influence (on bomb action), why not so many people would take care and protect his life?
Think clearly guys.
I'm sure, he still alive.