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Marshanda, acts like crazy people in her new-own-private video.
Enjoy her video and lemme see what's you opinion is.

The video shows the action of someone in a similar Marshanda rooms make a scene Youtube. But now the video-the video has been removed the owner.

A person with ID Marshandaofficials Youtube, has dozens of video download. The average video shows Marshanda sing songs that other people.

Not only singing, white women also dance. He put sackdress in the rooms are spacious.

In one of the video titled 'Who Do You Think You Are! " he also berate his friend SD.

"I know most loe cantik, pinter. I approve loe kan now in FB." Objurgation sepenggalan so the girl to his friends. Moreover, he also mentioned the name of friends who dituju items.

saying hatred to her schoolmates in elementary school

her broken heart

marshanda cries for i dunno what reason

then, here is few of her friends which is called in her video.
1. Adinda Mutiara Sabila Purnomosidi
The smartest girl in Marshanda's class. Now, she's in college, in Singapore.
adinda mutiara sabila purnomosidi