Bokep Luna Maya Ariel

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Video porno cast similar to the artist and Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya was first spread on the social networking site Facebook. However, the video has now disappeared.

In an account that facebookers upload pornographic videos that are no longer common bawdy recordings lasted 2 minutes 37 seconds. In that account, Friday (4 / 6), writing, "This video has been removed From either Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings."

Video duration of 2 minutes 37 seconds it starts with the appearance of a figure's face was round-eyed woman perform oral sex. The images in the video was taken by the male partner in a hotel room.

In a Facebook account to upload scenes was entitled 'Video sex Ariel and Luna Maya'. However, still unknown whether the role of porn videos are actually Luna Maya and Ariel.

In addition to the short duration of the video, there are also other series with longer duration and played by the same pair. In a video that lasted 6 minutes 49 seconds, the actor shows his face. With a stylish haircut harajuku, he looked similar to Ariel.