Nia Ramadhani Ganti Nama

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Karena telah menikah dengan Ardie Bakrie, Nia Ramadhani memutuskan untuk mengubah namanya.">Because they have been married Ardie Bakrie Nia Ramadhani decided to change his name. And in the process, the NIA had to undergo several trials.
"So, the applicant named Priyanti Nia Ramadhani, a child of the marriage between Priya Ramadhani with Candra Mercia Poloan. He changed the name because after marrying Anindra Ardiansyah Bakrie, Nia wanted to change his name to Ramadhania Ardiansyah Bakrie. She followed her husband's name," said presiding judge Nia name change hearing, Supradja, SH., when met at his office in Central Jakarta District Court on Thursday (28/10).

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The process that must be passed Nia itself fairly quickly. Moreover, the determination now was already read.
"The process cepet, twice the trial. Last week, evidence in letters and witnesses today reading agenda setting. Stipulation was read out. The witness two people, including his own mother and sister, Talitha Elizabeth," said Supradja.
Background Nia own name change because you want to adjust with her husband's name. And after everything has been set, the name will be submitted to the civil registry.
"Later, after 30 days at the latest are listed on the Civil Registry, well he became the official was issued. It can be seen in the Law of Population, could also change the name or what the reasons mentioned. It could also due to join a husband or as often sick. Kan could also be due there are often sick eventually replaced. inauguration through the court, there is Law No. 23 of 2006 concerning the administration of residence. There was a name change, adoption, child adoption and others. So the rule is clear like that, "he said.
Although the husband's name really was directly behind her name after marriage, but there should be a stipulation in the deed. Nia therefore undergo this process. However, the diploma which has been established by the NIA could not be renamed.
"I do not we yes. So this does not apply to reverse. What was the name he was fine. But in the future because he is using a new name in the Civil Registry at the bottom are recorded at the determination date so that it be renamed," he added.