Ananda Mikola
Foto: Anto

With happy face and wearing a white shirt Ananda Mikola koko said when the first application he had felt tense than when he attended a race.

"That was more excited than the race. Ngelamarnya also, talking to his parents. Yes was just excited. He (Marcella) glad though he were strained as well," Anand said after the ceremony that was held in the residence application Marcella Zalianty at home Mangosteen road, Ciganjur, South Jakarta, Sunday (7 / 11).

In the event such applications Ananda's family gave a shawl as peningset. According to Nanda eyangnya scarf which belonged to the deceased before he died told when she got married later this shawl worn.

"Shawl deceased belonged to my grandmother, she married my shawl pingin if it is used," said Ananda.

Asked what reason to choose the 7th as the procession of application, Nanda simply replied simply, if he and Marcella like that number.

"Because I like the number 7 and Marcella," he said.