Kevin Aprilio: Kesannya Nyokap Gue Kafir

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As a child of the Memes, singer Kevin Aprilio claim could not hold his frustration to see her humiliated by the artist and the politician Marissa Haque. Moreover, the insult, in addition to the wrong address is also deemed distributed to the audience via SMS and personal blogs on the internet.

"The point is I do not like it if I'm denouncing my mother-ngatain through blogs. If the cleavage problem that ... but if the problem was my mother I'm not a sexy cleavage. It felt like my infidel only my mother and that's what I do not like it," said Kevin when found on the third birthday Gen FM in West Plaza Bung Karno, Jakarta, Saturday (6 / 11).

"He sounded the same ... my father near her husband, friendships, too, when I met Marissa okay ask Mamah papah. Most kesel the name of Islam. On my blog there letters that said 'if you meet this person , his letter like that, it sounded like hell my mama alone, "he continued.

Kevin assess allegations Marissa was very wrong, because all his life, both mommy and daddy always tried to keep the family name. Allegations that just simply just looking for popularity alone.

"I think he's wrong really. All my life mama and papa keep the good name very well, if I think he does like looking for popularity well," said Vierra's personnel.

In a personal blog, Marissa Haque featuring suggestive inscription was jealous of her husband, Ikang Fawzi because his appearance is too close to Vina Panduwinata and Memes. While Marissa itself does not deny that as his writing, despite claims posted by a person, when his candidacy in an atmosphere of competition in South Tangerang.