Vina Panduwinata 20 Tahun Lebih Muda
Yulia Dian - hotMusic

Vina Panduwinata (ebi / hot) Jakarta - Singer Vina Panduwinata again held a solo concert for the second time. In the three-hour concert, Vina looks 20 years younger.

Concert held in the Plenary Hall, JCC, Senayan, Saturday (17/05/2008) it opens around 20.30 pm. Addie MS, as the conductor, together Twilite Ochestra opened the concert with music 'September Ceria'.

By the 4th song, Vina the song 'She' has ever brought back by Reza Artamevira. The song is sung by Vina at 80s.
The singer who is almost 50 years old had a costume change on stage after singing the song 'Si Bogel' by his friend the late Dodo Zakaria. She took off her purple long gown and a silver-colored dress with low cleavage dress that is now more slender body.

"If not sexy, what would be seen. Age has been going 52 years you know. Wow yes very old, "joked Vina manjanya voice.

With her new dress, Vina had shed tears, when viewing the photographs displayed on screen Dodo. He also brought a song with the late Tim Christensen whose voice is shown through minus one.

The atmosphere of sorrow turned into cheerful, when one by one personnel Rumpies rise stage. Trie Utami, Atiek CB and Malida help Vinay melantukan flagship song 'Not Clear. "Unfortunately sound so constraints. In the song Rumpies voice did not sound. After playing for time by talking almost 10 minutes, they had the song 'Nurlela' only with a single mike used interchangeably.

Rumpies, down stage, Afgan appeared singing 'Blue'. He is also a duet with Vina in the 'Language of Love. "The song' So Lovely 'which actually was not in the scenario, so the bonus appearance of two different generations that age.

"Do not ngiri yes," said Vinay Afgan while holding hands. "Afgan make ya mama Ina young again," he continued coquettish.

Not happy with Afgan, Vina asked a man from the audience to join him on stage. Whether lucky or unlucky, the audience even surreptitiously opportunity. Counted up to five times, he managed to kiss his cheek tenderly Vina. Not to mention the hug scene that invites laughter.

'On My Chest There is You,' 'My Love' and 'Love Indonesia,' closed the concert with a rousing single Vina. At around 23:30 pm, performances and even then ends meet Plennary Hall. (Yla / RAC)