Marissa Haque artists and politicians still had not issued any perjelasan related sentences 'spicy' written on his personal blog, dedicated to the singer Vina Panduwinata and Memes.
But Kevin Aprilio, Memes children, seem to follow the bait with the sentences pitched 'jealous' is. Through social networking site Twitter, personnel Vierra expressed concern that the sentence along with satire.

On the status, Kevin's wife accused Ikang Fawzi looking bad-mouth sensation with his mama. I do not know what she meant, she was also hoping for a speedy recovery Marissa.

"Kasian Marissa Haque. Want to find the sensation menjelek2an * with my family name by writing a tidak2x on his blog. Smoga dial smbh yes: (," wrote Kevin status.

Previously daughter Marissa Haque, Isabella Fawzi, via Twitter also commented about it. The comment was more suggestive of apology himself, over his mother's writing it.

"To the friends", Bella who apologized profusely ats good circulation of news yg krg dr mom blog sy ... I really "sorry ..." the girl who wrote it is familiarly called Bella.

Like do not want to disturb the atmosphere, Bella did not want to talk further. In the post continued, he asked the question directly to her mother.

"I do not know @ ThinkWL also ... Ask my mother wrote, sy afraid wrong way," he wrote later.