Putri Marissa Haque Sesalkan 'Curhatan' Ibunya

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                    Marissa Haque
Marissa Haque

An unpleasant greeting from Marissa Haque is written in his blog, the bustling Tweeps began to talk about these jealous-pitched speech. While Marissa was still not confirmed whether or not the contents of these blogs, but his daughter, Isabella Fawzi, has indicated that this article was really written by his mother.
This was revealed from a personal Twitter Isabella, who said that he regretted that news written on her blog. "To the friends", Bella who apologized profusely ats good circulation of news yg krg dr mom blog sy ... I really "sorry ..." the girl who wrote it is familiarly called Bella.

Bella does not even seem to want to open this issue further, when in the post after that, he would rather give up this issue directly to his mother.

"I do not know @ ThinkWL also ... Ask my mother wrote, sy afraid wrong way," he wrote later.

Previously, Bella's mother, actress Marissa Haque and political figures become warmer because of the news article in his blog that 'attack' Vina Panduwinata and Memes because of their closeness to the husband, Ikang Fawzi, in a musical event. Icha, close calls Marissa also had criticized the way they dress that is too open and tempting men, including her husband.