Featured as the cover of the magazine certainly has pride. However, not pride gained by Aishwarya Rai, but the controversy.

The controversy started with Aishwarya Rai fans who feel that the skin of the artist 'made whiter' in Indian edition of Elle magazine cover December. The fans are of Indian origin artist proclaims it as something that is racist, as quoted in hindustantimes.

"Aishwarya's first reaction was disbelief. According to Aishwarya, she is recognized on the basis of their goodness is not because the color of his skin. She (Aishwarya Rai) is confirming the existence of 'skin whitening'. If there is evidence of this, he might take action,"said a source .

Allegations of racist because of 'skin whitening' this is not the first time that happened to Elle magazine. Previously, African American actress artist Gabourey Sidibe also appear more bright and pale on the cover of the September issue.

When asked about this issue, Elle magazine states that there is no 'skin whitening' the actress who could be nominated for an Academy Award.