Anak Pasha Tak Terima Adelia Jadi Ibu Tiri

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                    Okie Agustina

Pasha's first child, Alvaro Kesya son Sigit was not receiving her father remarried a woman named Adelia Wilhelmnia. In fact, when sumringah Kesya not be interviewed by journalists about the activities singing.

"I do not want to interview, because my father wanted to marry again!" Kesya said with her mother, Okie Agustina, now found in Studio Penta, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (30/11) evening.
Okie was trying to console her first child that. Himself also confirmed that it had not received Kesya father remarried.

"Yes, I can not say anything. So it was up to date, Kesya can not accept that his father will marry again. Only here, I need to notify the Kesya process of this. If my father and mother are not together anymore, same mother and father were also necessary companion, "Okie said.

Mother of three children also need time to acknowledge their children can receive the disintegration of his parents. Moreover, it is still fairly Kesya age children.

"Son of his age he could not accept. It may seem not only Kesya are like this, other children who experience things like Kesya, will also be the same. I was also explained to Kesya takes time, may not rush to her age . But someday she would understand, "said Okie. (MPA / ADT / bun)