Pasha dan Adelia

Event application and Adelia Pasha who was making a lot of broadcast infotainment first child Pasha, Kesya sad. I was so sad, even Kesya to cry and tend to be emotional. Kesya did not explicitly accept the father was married to Adeline.
"He told you, see the event on television, saw his father on television at Adel (application events), she cried. I can only give the sense, already ah, did we make buying a house spirit," Okie said when met after filming the event SENSATION ARTISTS at Studio Penta, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (30/11).

However, while emotions, which are next Kesya direct Okie interjected, "It's the bun, bun aja omongin, okay, ceritain it all," continued Kesya with emotional tone.

Okie explained if Pasha know the rejection of his son. However, after the Okie pronounce the sentence, direct Kesya cut his mother's talk. "You'll never know what kind Kesya developments," he said with a tone of emotion.

Hear the speech of his son, Okie also seeks to mediate by saying they should be able to understand each other.

"Because it is both (Kesya and Pasha) should understand each other, but I can not more. But as a mother I should be able to love understanding to the child," said Okie.