Cut Tari: Borok Saya Kembali Dibuka!

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                    Cut Tari

Cut Tari claims to have tried to forget the case of porn videos that happen to him. However, he called a witness in the case of Ariel, a former presenter of infotainment show it felt when the wound opened again and again to remember bad things.
"This is the same as picking my ulcer again, my deepest wounds. Already 6 months I tried to forget about it, and to continue my life. Many of the lessons that I take and I should be prosecuted for the strong. And I'm not strong, demanded to be quiet, tall, this incredible lesson really. On the positive side, being perfect is not necessarily good. Being human is beautiful, probably all know what I feel, "said Tari told reporters at the office of lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea Summitmas Building, Jl. General Sudirman, Jakarta, Thursday (9 / 12) night.

Then, anything that can be done by Cut Dance to forget the case?

"I have friends, smart people, continued to dance she asked how come this way, frankly I have to accept the first. At first I did not accept, not accept that all tau, seen together all the people. I am ashamed to be a vent," says Dance.

In a later trial, it will be a witness Dance. Lawyers Dance, Hotman Paris, estimates that the hearing would take place closed. "I believe the examination of witnesses will be closed, opened yesterday for only discuss the legal aspects, so almost certainly closed," said Hotman.

Is Dance will be accompanied her husband when a witness later? "God willing, accompanied by," he said. (MPA / ADT / bun)