JAKARTA - Fathers Dhini Aminarti, Machfud Bambang Supeno, died during the middle of driving a car. He died of heart disease.
"To my knowledge, he never complained of any pain, but lately she often cough and shortness of breath. If heart disease was once there, and he never asked for traditional medicine to treat his friends to penyaki heart, but that was long," said Dhini one of the relatives who met at the funeral home, Jalan Maleo, Bintaro, Tangerang, on Friday (10/12/2010).
Bambang was found dead in his car, a blue Nissan Terano dongker, WI bernopol B 1815, Thursday, December 9, at 22:00 pm. Bambang was found by villagers and policemen from the police Beji, Depok, in a state is dead.
"I do not know just exactly where. At first people were suspicious because the car runs out nyerempet, but said nothing. Pas seen, it turns out the person inside was dead. Police to break the glass rear window to the right," he explained.
                    Dhini Aminarti (Foto:Tomi Tresnady/okezone)
Bambang was driving home after a friend drove to the area of Depok. "After the take, he's behind himself," he added.
Family mengikhlaskan departure Bambang, who died at the age of 52 years. In the eyes of family, Bambang is a good person. "He was diligent remembrance and when she died was in good condition. All of a sudden. He did have heart disease," he said.
The deceased had been buried in Curug, Sukabumi, West Java, after Friday prayers.