Goddess annoyance Perssik unbearable with the words Julia Perez who actually took her to war. Whereas before he had revoked his report at the police station.
"That was Jupe mikirnya wear knee, do not use brains. If it is unforgivable not know myself, yes wis. Do not be prejudiced a no-no. Before finding out the truth, let me not be a boomerang for Jupe own," said Goddard Perssik when contacted Style. com ™, Wednesday (8 / 12).
Goddess Perssik had revoked his report on cases of violence by Julia Perez, but the police will still process the case. Peace agreement, said the police did not affect the legal process.

"Everything was there the process. Because it has entered the corridors of law. Moreover, the results of investigating purely criminal offense is clearly not a complaint so," said Saiful Jamil's ex-wife.
Police today, further Depe, the middle lot is highlighted, so the legal process must be undertaken in accordance with the procedures that police possessed. Police do not want to be accused of cooperation for the benefit of the popularity of a movie. It is also to argue that this case just setting.
"Preventing people from thinking that this is a setting to boost the film with the authorities working together. Because the shoot finished, peace continues to pull the original game without following the process. Moreover, police agencies Kan again highlighted," he explained. (MPA / ato / dar)