Sejak ketenaran Irfan Bachdim meroket, sosok Jennifer Bachdim, sang kekasih, mau tak mau juga semakin 'dicari'. Banyak orang, terutama para fans Irfan yang ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang gadis beruntung ini.

Walau masih berdomisili di Jerman, Jennifer bersedia membagi sebagian ceritanya kepada™ lewat bincang-bincang online. Gadis yang lahir tanggal 6 April 1987 di Muehlacker ini mengaku tidak bisa berbahasa Indonesia dengan lancar, yang karenanya wawancara di lakukan dalam bahasa Inggris.

"I'm sorry but I will answer in English, because my bahasa Indonesia is not that good.. Saya belajar bahasa Indonesia," ungkapnya di awal sesi ngobrol. Ready? Here it goes!

* What do you like most?
I love Indonesia =)

* What do you hate most?
War all over the world I hate it!

* Do you like being a model?
I love my job, to take pictures and try to change your character in front of the camera.

* Beside being a model, what do you do?
I´m working also at office, because I have two jobs. I study management and controlling.

* What is your definition of 'sexy'?
In Germany it's normal to take some sexy pictures, but I know the standard in Indonesia, and there are my pictures too sexy. That's why I don't wanna take anymore sexy pictures, I already said that to my agency.

* What do you think if people call you the next Indonesian's Victoria Beckham?
Oh I think Victoria Beckham is arrogant, thats why I dont like it, because I always wanna be sweet and kind to everybody, just acting like a normal girl

* What do you want to have or reach when you are 30?
I wanna marry, have childrens and having just a lovely family.

* Prefer Facebook or Twitter?
Now I like more twitter, because my facebook account is already full and I cant accept any friends anymore =(

* What will you do when a lunatic fan terrorizes you?
Hopefully there are no peoples like that who wanna do that.

* Do you have any guilty pleasure?
I like to eat Mc Donalds! Hahaha.

* Do you have any phobia?
No I think I don't have.

* You cry when..
I cry because I miss my Baby Boo (Irfan)

* Don't you want to start a career in Indonesia?
I wanna start a career as a artist if it's possible and the people like me in Indonesia

* Why do you use JenniferBachdim as your name account on Twitter, instead of Jennifer Kurniawan? Or maybe you have married?
:) No we are not yet married.

* Your favorite celebs?
I like Claudia Schiffer from Germany.

* Your favorite books?
I like to read books from the german writer, Petra Hammesfahr.

* Your favorite album?
Actually I like to listen to Bruno Mars.

* Your favorite movie?

Jennifer Bachdim hot

Jennifer Bachdim hot

Jennifer Bachdim hot