Indonesia Harus Belajar dari Kekalahan!!!

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Apart from the interference of laser beams against the Indonesian national team, the appearance of Malaysia in the first leg final match at National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, on Sunday (26/12) night, deserves thumbs up. Team Garuda practically lost on all fronts.

Firman Utina and colleagues assessed played badly last night. Which should have dominated the midfield and Ahmad Firman Utina Bustomi turns freely controlled by Malaysia. Malayan Tiger squad that performed with confidence hitting a landslide Indonesia 3-0. Naturally, if the supporters of Indonesia who are watching live and then left the stadium before the match ended.

Related laser beams are fired in the direction of the players of Indonesia, a supporter of the national team is quite disturbing rate. "Maybe there are some viewers that naughty, but I'm sure most supporters of Malaysia is not like that," he said.

One other national team supporters appealed to Indonesia to learn from defeat as did Malaysia while falling 1-5 at Bung Karno Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, in the group stage. "Maybe we should also learn from defeat," he said. : They (Malaysia) to analyze the factors that led to the defeat of the time. I see from the game, Malaysia did better this time. ". (Bog)