Cinta Laura wants more exist in 2011. In 2010 he was more focused on education which will expire in the near future.

"Well, for 2011 probably will be more active in the world of entertainment. You see, this year I'm getting a little less activity. I cuman ngerjain some work and ngurusin reality show. And lately school, I also ngurusin so the values I passed fit so good. But I'm also happy because in 2010 I ngeluarin first album. The sale was really good cd for six months more than 1 million copies. And that achievement that were really proud for me and I'm happy, "he said after filling in the musical event in the 'Sensation Artist' in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Wednesday (12/22/2010). Even so, he still come first issue of education.

Currently, more love, he felt compelled to re-active in the entertainment world who has raised his name.

"Yes, later on I will focus again, but for a few months I'll be really busy. committee lesson I was eight hours each day, after the basketball training from four until six o'clock hour. After that shower, a break from seven o'clock until half past 10 continue at two in the morning wake up again to ngurusin lesson for tomorrow morning. So, the months of this stress really. Because I want to go to a good university, "he said, laughing.

Love will make every effort possible for education to the world of entertainment running balance. He also tried to give the best to all fans.