Rahma Azhari Mesra dengan Pelatih Filipina

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National football team (squad) of Indonesia against the Philippines was over already. The Philippine players were already back to his country. But, for Rahma Azhari, 29, her story with the team nicknamed The Azkals is just getting started. Yesterday morning (20/12), younger brother of artist Ayu Azhari is upload the photos with Filipino trainer Simon McMenemy on his Twitter account. They were seen enjoying the atmosphere of a nightclub.

After he uploaded his photos with McMenemy, a lot of comments coming. It is not known exactly where the location of the photo was taken. But, from the pictures, Rahma seen very close to the 33-year-old coach. In fact, McMenemy not hesitate to hug the body closely Rahma when photographed.

There are some pictures circulating on the internet. Photo McMenemy with Rahman, and his picture and a woman flanked Rahma and Rahma photo standing between two men. One of them being hugged McMenemy.

The atmosphere in the photos illustrate that they were partying. In his account, @ RaAzhari, movie stars Pocong Rooms Next to it is confirmed that the man in the photo with him is McMenemy, coach of the Philippines. "Yes, that 's uterus. McMenemy fever (Yeah, that was it. Fever McMenemy, Red), "he wrote.

Response to emerge. Many have asked what is the relationship between himself and coach the Philippines is also being loved because of his handsome face these women.

Rahman also explained that he and McMenemy just friends. "He's just a friend. What a lovely person. Glad to meet Actually uterus! Had a great time! (He's just a friend. People who are very pleasant. Glad to see her! We passed a pleasant time, Red)!" he wrote to explain.

The former wife of businessman Alfay Rauf was also expressed his happiness to meet and get acquainted with McMenemy. In fact, he said McMenemy said farewell to travel back to the Philippines. "Hmm" Goodbye, Simon. Have a nice trip to Manila. Xoxo, "he wrote.

Artists are often adorned exciting infotainment as the case of photos circulating in the community also seemed indifferent to the many negative comments when people see pictures of her with McMenemy. In fact, he said that those negative comments were jealous of him. "Hadeuh on suuzon aja. Shirk unable to sign or not sign behavior," he said. (Jan/c9/tia)