BlackBerry Messenger feature is so popular and became one powerful magnets that attract customers to choose the smartphone and services from Research In Motion (RIM), Canada's. In fact, in its development, the current model of interaction that can only be done via BlackBerry antarpengguna BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) will not be exclusive anymore.

RIM decided to open application programming interfaces or APIs to the BlackBerry Messenger application so that all developers can access these interactive features. PIN (personal identity number) code, which so far only used in the fuel will become a tool of social networking is more extensive.

"The development is indeed dynamic. PIN has now become a wider social tool. We will open the API so that BlackBerry Messenger can connect to outside networks," said Gregory Wade, RIM's Managing Director of Southeast Asia in Jakarta, Thursday (12/16/2010) . He said RIM's policy to open wider to BlackBerry users access information in line with consumer demand.

Previously, the PIN may be personal stuff, but now has been used to establish relationships with other people as much as possible. PIN sharing phenomenon that made the BlackBerry users in the virtual world an example of this tendency. So Gregory Wade was not surprised to know that many BlackBerry users in Indonesia have volunteered to share a PIN on the BlackBerry page on Facebook Fan Page.

Unlike the mobile phone number for most people are still interchangeable with others who have been known, many BlackBerry users even reveal his PIN number to establish a new comradeship. Still, do not get the PIN number that fall into the hands of irresponsible people.