Dewi Perssik Gaet Nicky Tirta?

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Beyond dispute with Jupe, seems Goddess Perssik still can not escape the media spotlight associated proximity to man. This time, the Goddess of shocking the public by engaging soap opera artist Nicky Tirta.
Dewi Perssik
When attending rehearsals Harmony SCTV, on FX Plaza, a young widow is not denied when confirmed whether it is true that he was close to Nick.

"My accident (near)," he said when met at FX Music, FX Plaza, Jakarta, to Harmoni SCTV at practice on Tuesday (21/12).

But the singer who often make splashy news is reluctant to explain what form their closeness? "If it does not want to talk," he replied.

But going out huh? "I'm not saying do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend, I definitely single but not available," he added.

Goddess Perssik not be afraid if its proximity to the Nicky one day really make him fall in love with the man, and honestly Goddard admits that he is happy with Nick.

"Falling in love so it's nothing. Oh my same happy Nicky, he's smart and a lot of help me, as he makes a green screen for me. Yes we are if you have a friend and pay attention to us, to support me and care about my child, who who are not happy. Because he is also a male, we do need men who are not childish because we are currently not kidding, "he concluded. (MPA / hen / sjw)